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Monday, 25 August 2014

My day.

Ok, so today I woke up at like 11am and did my normal morning routine and then went out with my Mam and Dad to a car boot sale it was so big but all we got was a 20p vase for my Mam's flowers, not very interesting. So, we decided to go to Dalton Park which is a big outlet place with lots of shops and i picked up a few things, some Adidas booties, Compact powder, Eye shadow and an eye shadow brush, I will put some pictures down below. I reckon I'll spend the rest of my night in my room watching Youtube videos and on Skype to Brad and just doing the usual shizzle. 


  1. Yeah in my opinion it is for the price, i paid £1.99 x

    1. oh aw good ill look out for them! you on blog loving'? x