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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

First September Blog.

Ok, so as you can see this is my first September blog. This is because everythings been a bit too much lately a lot of arguments with people and also starting sixth form but todays like a new start really now that i got rid of the two idiots that felt the need to insult me they are now blocked and surprisingly i had over 20 people sticking up for me yesterday which was like amazing, thank you if you were one of them. Today was really funny at sixth form tbh with my friends Georgia, Daniel and Rosie they were great. Basically Daniel got a cup of cappuccino and then he started sticking his finger in it and counting too see how long he can cope with the pain of the heat it was hilarious and then we started drawing retarded pictures of each other and did a group drawn and stuck it on Mrs Buxtons notice board we were all crying laughing. I hope everyday is full of laughter because i really enjoyed my day and i love the friends i have. If you would like to see the video i will upload it to youtube soon. My Channel: 

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