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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Just ranting on~

Hey, just me again. I just thought I'd write this post as i have nothing better to do. I am happy with writing my blogs but i think i need a bit more effort into them, they're rather boring and i don't think people are gonna bother reading them. So I've thought about it and I think for sixth form in extended project and I'm going to produce my project on blogging/vlogging, just because i would love to become a Youtuber like Zoella, Pointlessblog everyone like that but right now I don't have enough confidence to make amazing videos and i have no idea how I'd do them so doing ict in school also might help I'm so excited for the future and considering Zoella only came to start blogging/vlogging at the age of 19 (I think) who knows what could happen, it's doubtful though. I hope my project can help me with this though because it will motivate me to actually make an effort with this so I can pass as it is an AS Level. Nevertheless, I hope that I can actually do my project on it as I have to produce an end piece which can be a report or a finished product or something? a 5000 word essay? I'm scared. Anyway, my day today was quite plain really, just same old. Having a few lessons and frees and whatever. My group of friends is all boys because girls suck, ha, I don't care love my friends :) Anyway I'm just blabbing on again so bye bye. 

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