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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Metrocentre buys~

Today was a bit of a shit morning but whatever i got over it and got ready and went to the Metrocentre and bought some new stuff. New Uggs which I've needed for quite a while considering I had my Gray ones for like 2 years and they are a bit tatty now and i got my blue ones which are like too big.. so i got some new ones from Primark for £8. Then I went to the body shop, let me start by saying that I have been a huge fan of The Body Shop products for a long time just never really think about going there. The smells are amazing and the tastes, is that weird? I taste lip balm but whatever so anyway, bought some new lip balms to try out, first i got satsuma shimmer and I got another called raspberry however, stuff was 3 for 2 so i also got a strawberry hand gel which is nice so all is good that was £4.50 Then i went to Asda and bought an eye liner and a new candle. Not very interesting if I'm honest but yeah. Now I'm gonna have a bath wash my hair and relax and watch YouTube. Adios, thanks for reading~  Pictures below. 

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