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Sunday, 1 February 2015

L'Oréal Glam Bronze Blonde Sun~

So, I ain't blogged since last year and I kinda realised that the blogs I made were really lame so, I've decided I'm going to start off with doing make up reviews on products I'm currently using so first I'm going to start of with a bronzer I'm enjoying. Now, I've only recently started using bronzers because when I used to they always just made me look orange but that was most likely because I was like 10 and bought the cheap poundland bronzer with my 2 pound pocket money off my Nanna or something. Anyway recently, I saw that Zoella uses bronzer a lot on her make up tutorials on YouTube and it made her skin look really healthy and glowing so I thought I'd go out and buy a bronzer so I decided to buy the L'Oréal Glam Bronze in 00 blond sun and I am really enjoying it, the packaging is great its rose gold which I love that colour! It also comes with a compact mirror and a brush which can apply the bronzer on the skin really good as the brush fits my cheeks really well although sometimes I like to use my powder brush to smooth it around my face. The colour isn't too dark so it just gives my face quite a glowing tan and it's really nice and the first day I wore it to school my friends were like, 'Wow you look a nice colour I think they must of thought I'd been on holiday over the Christmas but  nope, Glam Bronze is so great! So try it out, its cheap and amazing, only £7.99 from Boots but you can also purchase it from Superdrug.

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